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Sentani lake is located at Papua Indonesia. The lake is underneath the edge of cycloops mountain range with about 245.000 hectare wide. Thye lake extent outward between Jayapura City and Jayapura regency. Sentani lake has about 9.360 hectare wide and be on 75 mdpl height. Sentani lake is the biggest lake in Papua.

There are 21 small islands in this beautiful lake.The meaning of word “Sentani” was mentioned by a Christian clergyman BL bin for the first time when executed the missionary at lake area on 1898.
Senatni lake has been managed to be a tour object because has 50 km distance from Jayapura and easy to reach, there are many tour boats to go around Sentani Lake.

There are for about 30 species of fresh water fish such as Gabus Fish ( Oxyeleotris heterodon), Pelangi Sentani Fish ( Chilaterina Sentaniensis), Pelangi Merah Fish ( Glossolepis Incisus), Saw Shark ( Pristis Microdon), etc. Sentani Lake is also fishing, water ski and also culinary tour.

Sentani Lake festival is an annual tourism festival that held around of Sentani Lake. This Festival Celebrated since 2007 and being the annual Festival and also include in the prominent tourism calendar.
Sentani Lake Festival participated by tourists from Holland and local tourists. This Festival is held in the middle of June every year along 5 days. It consist by the traditional dance on the boat, war dance from Papua, traditional ceremony such as the coronation of ethnic head and offered many kinds of Papua culinary. Sentani Lake Festival is participated by the whole associations at Jayapura regency and Jayapura City. It will be shows traditional culture and traditional dance from each association.

This Festival is the evidence of cultivation of unity and totality among the fellow ethnic, reins, religion. The strong nationalism tied in among the peers.
3 main agendas of Sentani Lake Festival, besides archipelago carnival such as culture show, Papua arts exhibition and tours.